How Is Raw Office Helping Non-profit Organizations During Pandemic

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As the pandemic continues, The Raw Office - a BCorp company, continues to help non-profit and charitable organizations.

The Raw Office is dedicated to helping our community and has donated to non-profit organizations to help them continue their missions, goals, and objectives, especially during these unprecedented times by donating PPE supplies to those who are in need.

The Raw Office is focused on donating PPE such as hand sanitizers, disposable face shields, nitrile gloves, face masks, and disinfecting wipes to support non-profit organizations with frontline workers and community workers. Our donations enabled organizations to keep their doors open, to safely continue their community outreach and to keep their staff and volunteers safe and protected.

We are happy to do our best to help keep people safe. We've delivered a total of 125,306,471 face masks, 35,584,412 nitrile gloves and a total of 292,631 rapid test kits within Canada and the USA.

Here are few organizations that Raw Office has helped in the USA:

Miami Rescue Mission - a non-profit organization located in Miami, Florida. They promote health as to treat disease, embrace the power of information and communication technologies to support people with the best available resources, while respecting their individual values and preferences.

Raw Office is helping Miami Rescue Mission Clinic to achieve its goals and objectives on providing a safe environment for their staff and clients especially with the pandemic happening right now by donating PPE to the organization.

Blue Missions Group - a non-profit organization located in Miami, Florida. Blue Missions Group is a community-owned project, their team works with locals to empower progress and transform rural communities for the better.

Blue Missions

The Raw Office is helping Blue Missions Groups by improving sanitation. Raw Office donated sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and disposable face shields to the organization, and these products will help them implement their goals for sanitation.

The Raw Office is not only helping non-profit and charitable organizations but also associations like the American and Canadian Chiropractic Associations and their 20,000 + doctor's offices across North America.

Canadian Chiropractic Associations CCA - Canadian chiropractors are spine, muscle, and nervous system experts. They diagnose the causes and treat patients to relieve pain and prevent it from returning – helping them be healthy and active.

American Chiropractic Associations ACA – is the largest professional chiropractic organization in the United States. ACA attracts the most principled and accomplished chiropractors, who understand that it takes more to be an ACA chiropractor.

The Raw Office has partnered with CCA and ACA - we are helping them by offering personal protective equipment (PPE) from reliable sources and that are Health Canada and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) approved. We offer PPE supplies and ensure that our supplies have met all the qualifications required for the new public health protocols. These supplies include face masks, hand sanitizers, medical gowns, gloves, disinfecting wipes and face shields. We also offer CCA and ACA office and cleaning supplies to make sure they have all they need in their clinics. We help them ensure the safety of their working environment specially for their staff and patients. CCA and ACA chiropractors are currently purchasing their PPE and other supplies from for CCA and for ACA that The Raw Office created. On top of that, we offer them a reasonable price, CCA and ACA members receive a 10% discount when they purchase from our websites.

We believe that by helping these organizations we are saving lives and supporting healthcare, especially the frontline workers.

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