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There's a lot for you to think about when owning your own business. Having everything you need to keep your business afloat and to keep your employees happy is critical for its success. So, what are some of the common office supplies you might need for your company? Here is a helpful list for new business owners to refer to for assistance.

What Office Supplies Does Your Business Need?

There's so much to think about when it comes to office supplies for your business. Just when you think you have all the basics, you suddenly remember the little essential stuff. It's similar to buying what you need for your first house! Below are nine of the most common office supplies you'll want to have for your business.


Furniture is a no-brainer when it comes to necessary office supplies. Where are you going to sit and do your work? When it comes to looking for the best furniture for your office, make sure it's both comfortable and visually appealing. You'll need plenty of desks, chairs, tables, filing cabinets, shelves, lamps, trashcans, and recycle bins.


Technology is what keeps your business going. You need it so your workers can connect with each other and so that your business can connect with its clients. You'll need stuff like desktops, laptops, broadband and Wi-Fi, external storage, phone systems, fax machines, and photo copiers, to name a few.


Businesses need to print dozens of documents each day, so make sure to have a printer handy at your office. They've evolved so much over the years that you can use them for more than just printing. Many of today's printers come with scanners, copiers, and can even print wirelessly. These kinds of printers are a must for busy offices that are always on the go. Don't forget to have plenty of toner and ink available!


Even though we use technology for a lot of our tasks, having paper around to jot down notes is also important. It's one of the basic, general office tools you never think you need until you actually need it! You should also make sure to have plenty of printing paper, notebooks, sticky notes, envelopes, and business cards. Even if you don't think you'll use these tools every day (which you might not), it's best to have them available to avoid last-minute trips to the store.

Writing Tools

Writing tools are another basic necessity you need for your office. After all, you can't have all this fine paper without anything to write with! You'll need an abundance of writing tools at your office for notetaking, highlighting, and editing. These include pencils, pencil sharpeners, pens, highlighters, markers, whiteboards, and rulers, to name a few.

First Aid Supplies

We never want accidents to happen, but you always want to be prepared in case they do. Your office must have some first aid supplies in case an employee accidentally hurts themselves. After all, you are responsible for providing a safe work environment! Common first aid supplies you'll need in your office are band-aids, tissues, alcohol wipes, and Neosporin. It wouldn't hurt to have some mild pain medication available when your employees need it.

Cleaning and Healthcare Supplies

Another way to ensure workplace safety is to always have cleaning supplies readily available. You don't want someone to accidentally spill their coffee all over the floor and not have anything to clean it up. Especially during these times, keeping a sanitary workplace is critical. Always have hand sanitizer, wet wipes, paper towels, and cleaning equipment stocked. Don't forget about soap and water!

Water Coolers and Cups

Water coolers and coffee machines are both a pleasure and a necessity for any business. It's a thoughtful addition to any office space by providing employees with a way to stay hydrated so they can do their jobs. Not to mention it's a common area for workers to chit-chat and gossip when they aren't working.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes in the workplace can be useful for anything, from storage to moving. You never know when you might need one for shipping, too. They're a convenient way to keep your storage supplies if you don't have any bins available.

Looking for Affordable Common Office Supplies?

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