4 Myths Dispelled About Environmental Products

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By Jeff Golfman

Ok, we admit it. We’re biased, The Raw Office is unabashedly in favor of everything from furniture and kitchen supplies to ink, toner, paper and pens that are both eco-friendly and wallet friendly too. Yes, the two can and do co-exist, despite what you might hear. Yet, the cacophony of green living myths out there continues to proliferate unfortunately. Well, we’ve had it! Time to dispel these unsubstantiated myths once and for all:

Myth 1: You’ll feel great, but grow poor

Save money and buy in bulk

I think we’ve all seen it – the well intentioned eco consumer roaming the natural food stores’ grocery aisles with a cart full of environmentally conscious products. The shopper gets to the cash register check out only to realize he/she will be spending an entire month’s salary on five days’ worth of merchandise.

Does this happen? You bet, but it doesn’t have to. Some green products definitely cost more, but many do not. And moreover, using eco-friendly products, especially cleaning products, will actually save you money over the long-term when you factor in potential harmful side-effects. Additionally, taking advantage of buying in bulk (more on that later) can really produce large savings over the long-term.

Myth 2: A green cleaner can’t be as effective

This one is really ever-pervading. It continues to confuse people despite the fact that the major certifying organizations (EcoLogo, DfE and Green Seal) have all gone on record to state that most green cleaners are as effective if not more as their non-green competitors.

Moreover, many green cleaners will disinfect with ingredients such as citric acid, lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide. All are considered safer, antimicrobials which we all want, right?   

Myth 3: Good, green products are really hard to find

This one actually might be true, ha! Not entirely though, as we are entering into 2018, high-quality, cost-efficient environmentally products are out there and available if you know where to buy. That’s where we at The Raw Office fit in. Hop online and you’ll find us at www.rawoffice.com. We are saving our clients 20% versus the big box stores.

Myth 4: You (yes, you alone) can’t really make a difference

Together we can makke a difference

Remember the starfish story? Two guys walking on the beach full of washed up starfish. Thousands, for miles and miles, and one guy picks up a starfish and throws it in the ocean. His buddy asks, “For what, they’re all dying or going to die, what’s the point?” His forward-thinking friend responds, “maybe so, but now there is one less.”

One less … and now imagine if every second person you knew opted for environmentally friendly products and supplies. If 50% opted in, that’s a lot. You can make a difference, and living it and talking about it will make others want to join you. Tap into your inner starfish today …

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it`s the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead


Jeff Golfman has been an eco-entrepreneur with a passion for innovation, protecting our planet and healthy living for the past 27 years. Jeff is the Founder and President of The Raw Office which helps companies exceed their sustainability goals, save money, and publicize their bonafide eco achievements.

Click here to see how The Raw Office provides Ethical Procurement options to businesses by utilizing full transparency, financial savings and environmental improvements: https://www.rawoffice.com

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